FMS – Current status

FMS is running well finally.

But currently I got no XAMPP to test it, will install one in my a VMWare later, the one running on the Website is still an old version. The new one got all the help textes done. Even though I fear noone is gonna understand them and I’m the only one who can understand the web compiled FMS-programming-language at all.

Talking about ‘web-compiled’: The interpretor got a brand new precomplier now, which speeds up loops very hard:

foreach(1,100000) {$a = 1}

That one won’t take 100msec anymore but only one, because the interpreter has not to parse ‘$a = 1’ a million times. I don’t think anyone will need statements evaluated millions times or more.

The new version is in the SVN and CVS at the moment, but not released.


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