FMS – Mysql module, caching of scripts and syntax highlighting

Finished the data interface for FMS and its fast.

No more files will be needed to be created on the Webserver. Of course the nfile and locking nfile are still included, but letting MySQL do the parsing is faster.

For people who want to do some other SQL server interface the module is easy to rewrite, because it uses DBI and all Queries are easy to change.

If some script is called twice or more (or recursive) the compiled version is kept in memory to reduce the parse time. Still found no use for recursion in Website creation, but someone might.

FMSCode also got some nice highlighting funktions, everytime it finds a … it gives the module <module> the contents of the tag, so the module can do the syntax highlighting and escaping of the special chars. The content is then parsed again by FMSCode so it will produce nice colored output. (Used, of course, very excessivly in the Help-Files)

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