Plasma – Maps v2

All my messing around with OpenGL has finally payed of a litte. I was able to introduce a small feature to plasma which makes the user able to rotate, zoom and move around the generated map of a system. The fun part is: All the 3D calculations (or what I think of it) is done in the browser by a small javascript, so it is  (somewhat) fast and produces no server load at all.

Thanks to this you can now move view maps that leave the ecliptic like Guanaga Proxy in Freelancer Evolutions. This makes understanding such systems a lot easier, since the top-down view is not much help at all.

New York

By the way, this is the first time I admitted Javascript is good for something at all.
Half a year ago  I would have said everything with “Java” in it is unusable and not needed for (yes even the coffee and the island) but since I was forced to deal with Java and Javascript I’m starting to like it both. Still not sure about the coffee. (Or coffee at all).

I think I’m losing it, but who cares. (Not me)

Addition: I can implemented much nicer looks now by mapping the z-coordinate to the z-index property of CSS.

z-index in action

3 Responses to Plasma – Maps v2

  1. Justin Lewis says:

    I really can’t wait to see this. I’m interested in programing but I neer took any classes.

    I like Freelancer because I’m actually interested enough in the game to start learning the basic ini structure. I would like to make a mod, but I want to make all new models for EVERYTHING (stations, equipment, ships, asteroids, planets, absolutely new everything) and I think it may take well over a year for me to put something like that together.

  2. nana.101 says:

    Mr. Maluku,

    we wanna have more information about your work (during this semester)!

    Bye nana.101

  3. […] say they are both right. I did one thing in Javascript till today (Plasma’s 3d map view to be exact), and I don’t liked it that much. Today I had one of those stupid ideas that take away your […]

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