SofuJS – Release Canidate 1

Got it to work today.

It can read and write Sofu files, just like the other libraries.

I made a example JavaScript (no AJAX or server needed) Sofu Editor with TreeView and Value-Editor (so you don’t need to escape your values).

The Value-Editor is active after you click on a value in the TreeView.

You can try it out here (Javascript required, of course)

It works (as I tested it) in Firefox 2.0 and IE 7 (maybe more).
Try this Sofu file (for a little more complex example)

List = (
Map = {
	Content = "This is some demo content"
	OtherContent = (
			Content = "Some more content"
			Content = "Even more content"
	<> = "This Value has an empty key"

2 Responses to SofuJS – Release Canidate 1

  1. Disaster says:

    hey maluku! post something on the raiders forum so that we know that your alive m8 🙂

  2. nana.101 says:

    hey maluku,

    great job, but what about your studies?!

    I’ve heard there are many interesting courses this
    term? ;o)

    It would be nice to see
    you there!



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