Plasma – FLStat output

Plasma got a new output site, which is FLstat compatible. This means you can update your servers global statistics once a minute or even faster, cause the stats get updated everytime a player logs out or in and the page takes about 0.14 secs to render for 783 players.

Also includes all important Flstats settings: (Minimum rank, minimum days since last login, top N players, sorting, show filenames)

It even displays group membership (i.e clan membership) if needed. All live and very fast.

As soon as the Admin-interface is finished plasma will be released.


2 Responses to Plasma – FLStat output

  1. Lucky says:

    Hey Maluku,
    it’s good to see you online again. 🙂

    That’s some great news about plasma (that you still keep working on it).

    Is there any chance you have a bit time left for some modding advices?


  2. maluku says:

    Sure, just come into the aurora TS, I’m there when I Have time!

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