Man I forgot to post this.

Plasma is already running on a server:

And it is available for review and/or help under Check the SVN trunk.

I’m currently working on the most awesome skin for plasma, full AJAX (well more AJAS, because it uses SOFU) usage, window management, drag&drop for items and a lot more. Can also be found in the Subversion trunk, the skin is called PlasmaOS.


3 Responses to Plasma-running.

  1. Lo.Phat.Kao says:

    wow O.O
    very impressive! love everything
    i hope this project hasn’t died
    i’d so love to use it on my server

    more than just a server op like IFSO,
    it is a whole community management system
    (exactly what i desperately need lol)

    • maluku says:

      Plasma is in the subversion in the current version, there is still to be done (Admin stuff mostly), but if you can install and run it, fell free to do so.

      And no it hasn’t died, I just didn’t have much time for it or was too intereseted in other stuff.

  2. shagy2303 says:

    do raiders still exist i am a old raider was raider ares in game was raiders ares or phantasm if so plz email me

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