Dotiac::DTL released

February 11, 2009

I was bored over christmas with my family and I implemented the Django Template Language (DTL) in Perl. So if anyone needs it, go to and check it out.

It’s probably not very stable, since it’s only about a month old (from the first svn-checkin). However it works and renders all the templates I could find for Django. It’s also free, of course.

If anyone finds a bug, drop me a mail, comment or put it into the Sourceforge Tracker.

P.S. It can replace HTML::Template now, with just one line changed. (Also renders combined HTML::Template and Django code)


You shouldn’t mistake spam for social contact

February 11, 2009

I was thinking, what is the saddest thing anyone can do? And then I found it: If you would turn off your SPAM-filter to get any human interaction at all, it would be very very sad. Or does anyone got an even sadder one?