Windows 7 observations

September 19, 2009

I have been using Windows 7 for some time now, and I like it. I feel very confused about it, because I hated Vista and Windows 7 is just more of the same. But somehow it feels different. It is quick-ish and the taskbar is quite nice, but it feels like a rip-off of the Mac OS X’s dock, although it has some nice additions to it: Like showing the amount of open windows in a glance and transporting the progressbar of operations (like copy/move) into it. Very nice.

Speaking of Mac OS X: I also got the new Snow Leopard on the same day and I love it even more than my new Windows. I was switching from Tiger and now I feel kinda stupid to have skipped Leopard. Snow Leopard also feels faster than Windows (boot-time and stuff), but Windows has certainly caught up with Mac OS.

I don’t feel ashamed using Windows anymore, doesn’t say that all.

Nvidia Forceware trouble

One problem still persists in Windows, but it is nothing Microsoft did wrong. When I installed Forceware 190.xx on my old Vista I had stops, freezes, application crashes, the good old display-driver-restarted message serveral times and worst of all texture errors (or something) which resulted in 4×4 pixels of the wrong color on the texture. This even happend not only in games but also on the Windows Desktop. I fixed this by installing Forceware 186 again.

Now my very buggy Vista is gone, Windows 7 is here, Forceware 190.68 and the very same problems. So I deinstalled Foreware again and restarted. The default Microsoft driver was loaded. So I tried playing and no more trouble. Even better framerates than with the Forceware driver and not one crash.

How can the included driver be faster than the NVIDIA one?

Will report when the Microsoft one does crash or so, but so far nothing has happened. Only problem: No Nvidia Control Panel thingy, so no more SMART test for my nForce RAID, but who cares.