Heightmap – FUN

October 10, 2006

Was getting bored and build a render routine to change the heightmap on the fly.  And I created a nuke animation for it, maybe it will be used in later games for impacts of big spells and so, even texture change and persistent changes are used to create craters of explosions and such.

Due to the lack of explosions it looks a little strange, but I think its funny to watch.

The video is a big one, but I wanted it to show the ingame graphics as close as you can get.



October 10, 2006

The results of 3 days work are here, the first acceptable version of the heightmap for Crystal shards is here, it is 256×256 of size and renders at 60fps here.

Its currently not a Draw-List and the only thing you can do is walk around on it with your player that you don’t see, move your camera around the player and move the lightsource with the mouse.

Heigtmap with Textures and LOD

Lot of work to go.