Plasma, soon finished

September 11, 2006

Plasma, the alternative Freelancer Server Manger (alternative to IONCROSS) of course, is soon finished.

It keeps the server alive, saves all the playerfiles into a database (MySQL) and reads commands from it.

By accessing the database many things can be scripted, like changing equibment, reputation and money. Save ship changes (without screwing all the hardpoints) will also be included. One goal is for example to let people buy/sell things on a webfrontend, so shops can go around the 90 items limitations. Banking and Web-Storage of stuff is also possible. To give a player 2 station torpedos and take 300 Millions for it the Frontend will put in the plasma-queue the following:

modify, playername(encoded), -300000000, +2:<StationTorpID>, NULL

These commands will only be run if all the items, money, rep (-) could be removed, otherwise the file is not saved.

playername, their cargo, rep and money can be found in the database of course, along with some more information. (Usefull for flstat, which should be VERY fast then, just ask the DB).
Plasma-Init collects now all the information for your mod (it even parses TNG without errors), collect all the IONCROSS gamedata information and some more:

  • good->equipment relations. Goods are not mounted and equipments are, they mostly got the same name, but not allways, so if you unmount an equipment by just moving the HASH to the cargo entry in the savegame-file you will corrupt it or loose the good. Plasma moves gets the real hash for the good and writes that.
  • hardpoint-list from the shiparch and the model:
    If you change the ship in IONCROSS you will most certainly corrupt the file, because there are few ships in the new mods with the same hardpoints. So everything mounted will be mounted to unknown slots. Plasma keeps only the eqiubment mounted on hardpoints of the new ships shiparch entry. The rest is converted to goods. If something has no good (like lights), it will be kept only if the cmp-file has a hardpoint of the same name. Otherwise it is discarded.

Of course parsing all the cmps takes a while, but it has only be done once by plasma-init.