Mac OS X and Vista and XP x64

February 27, 2008

After my boss using a Mac and me reading Applegeeks a lot I bought a MacBook (2 Ghz, 2GB Ram) last year. I switched my PC to Vista (x64) at the same time. And I must say:

I love my Mac. (Well it still has BootCamp but I’m rarely using it, thx to Wine).

I have been using Linux, XP, Vista and MacOsX Tiger last year and I really enjoyed just sitting in front of my Mac (its looking pretty). Everything I need I can get for it (Vim, D, perl is installed) or emulate. Even .Net development is easy.

Sadly it can’t run Freelancer, but neither can Vista (at least not in Multiplayer, I had avast installed and I won’t reinstall just for games). So I have been switching back to XP a lot. After I switched my Mainboard I had to reinstall Vista (and reactivate) but not XP x64 (not even reactivate).

I still think if it’s Windows you need, Xp x64 is the way to go, It has already the better memory management (I have 4GB RAM) and it’s got not that much trouble with root-kits or similar (they only attack the 32 Bit part). Every game works on it (FarCry looks better too) and it provides full Direct Sound acceleration.

Well I got an X-FI and thanks to ALchemy it works under Vista Direct Sound works under Vista, but any other Soundcard is just lost. The sound is sounding dead. I can make better FX with my mouth.
And Vista got another problem there, it randomly mutes speakers. (ALchemy/OpenAL is not affected). Sometimes my front speakers go off, sometimes the back, sometimes I just hear from the center. I have no idea what that is all about.

Stil Mac OS X is the way to go, it still looks prettier and after 2 days working with exposé you will miss it the rest of your life.

And its cheaper, too.



September 12, 2006
  • Baka(jap): Idiot, stupid, moron

Many have thought about the meaning of the life, sadly there is none. Blessed are those, who can believe in an almighty god, so they can sacrifice their live by worshipping him. I rather doubt anything one does in life does change the outcome, it only gives one a false feeling of security.

I really can’t say if there is a god or anything else waiting for men in the end. Is there one for the animals as well? Do they even bother? No they don’t and men should neither. Only because humans got bigger brains, laws of physics, entropy, doesn’t bind for them?

How would you rather die: “I had a good and fulfilled live, got a great family, served well my god and now he is awaiting me in the afterlife” or: “I had my fun. Now its over. Was getting boring anyway”.

I don’t encourage you to commit any sins or so, those are great fundamental laws for human society and so, wise men must have then thought out. But stop getting all spiritual and so everywhere. If you need a god to give you hold and strength, you should check a therapist.

Lets look at two possibilities of death:

Church is right:

True believers get fun in afterlife, but a lot of restrictions and no fun in life.

Agnostics get the fun now and propably a litte burning in the afterlife, as long as they don’t broke any of the laws of being a good human (Which I encourage) and then fun in the afterlife after the punishment.

Physics is right:

True believers get no fun.

Agnostics get all the fun.

Someone else is right:

True believers worked for nothing and got no fun.

Agnostics got at least some of the fun.

Which leads us to one consequence, get some fun here then you did got at least something.

Have your fun, go to work, to get some more money, which will give you the ability to get more fun, but don’t work to much or it will be cutting in your fun time. If you got more money then you can spend, stop working and try to spend it.

Don’t commit crimes, either you get caught, which means no fun. Or you live on the run, which means also no fun or you will at least feel bad, which is also no fun.

Always play games for fun, never for winning. Winning is like a drug, it will leave you wanting more and more. You will get very upset and angry if you will stop winning, so don’t even try to start. You will be then very unhappy. It has absolutely no meaning to rub your opponents in the dirt and take there fun away, no meaning to feel better than somebody else. You will always find someone better than you, which will take your fun away. Always play games to improve yourself, if you can’t improve anymore, help others improving and build up some other skills.

Friends are always fun as long as you not try to abuse them.

Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are easily proven to be no fun at all. They will cut in your fun time, your money and your social life.

Help the poor and helpless, makes them feel better and you will also be feeling better.

In the case everyone will live those guidelines on a straight egoistic way, they will start to help each other, because it will result in more fun for themselves. But don’t give too much, it will strongly reduce your own fun.

Oh and if you already live according to these guidelines, like many people do without knowing it, be happy and don’t bother.


September 11, 2006

Am trying to eat no meat and fish for one year, starting at 01.01.2006.

Update: Its hard….