Plasma – CPAN Modules

September 12, 2006

Going to make all modules Plasma uses available on CPAN, but under different names because I neither want or need to have them all as a single name module.

I gonna sort them all into the Games::Freelancer tree.

  • FLBini ->  Games::Freelancer::Data::Bini (Bini reading and writing)
  • FLResource -> Games::Freelancer::Data::StringResource (Getting names from the .dlls)
  • FLUtf -> Games::Freelancer::Data::UTF (Reading and writing UTF-files (.cmp, .3db, .ale, .utf …))
  • FLCodec -> Games::Freelancer::SaveGame::Codec (reading and writing FLS1 files)
  • FLPlayer-> Games::Freelancer::SaveGame::Multiplayer (Oo) (manipulation of server side savegames)
  • FLPlayer::Cargo -> Games::Freelancer::SaveGame::Multiplayer::Cargo (Oo) (Cargo manipulation)
  • FLPlayer::Character -> Games::Freelancer::SaveGame::Multiplayer::Character (Oo) (Character look manipulation)
  • FLPlayer::Houses -> Games::Freelancer::SaveGame::Multiplayer::Houses (Oo) (Reputation manipulation)
  • FLPlayer::Name -> Games::Freelancer::SaveGame::Multiplayer::Cargo (Oo) (Name functions (decoding / encoding)
  • FLPlayer::Position -> Games::Freelancer::SaveGame::Multiplayer::Position (Oo) (Position in space or on base)
  • FLHash -> Games::Freelancer::Utils::Hash (CRC and CMP hashing)
  • INIARRAY -> Games::Freelancer::Utils::IniArray (Oo) (Ordered and structered hash-like data with multiple keys)

All at CPAN, as soon as I get the final proof read done.