Plasma – Forums

December 20, 2007

I coded the Plasma Forums in 4 days, 3 hours a day, that’s got to be a record, I also included: Skins, a News system, a better transfer screen and a lot of other stuff, its currently running under

Also new is the register feature. Well its needed if you want to create a new account. Although Hotmail seems to be blocking my emails send to them, probably a spam filter or something. You even can now claim accounts under my accounts. Its works quite easy, you simply select a character to claim as yours and then you log into Freelancer with that character and you will get a password send to you. Just enter this on the claim-page and the whole account (5 characters) are yours. It work like that on the first try, I never had to do bugfixing for it … and no admin is needed.

Forums features now include:

  • Plasma-based right managment, you can for example say this Forum (Subforum) can be moderated by the Clanleader of a specific clan. and the clan can decide on its own who can moderate. Same goes for other permission, like “Admin” for Server Rules or similar sections or just plain old “USER” or “” permission where only users or everyone can post. You can set permissions for read, post and moderate
  • Support for BBCode and HTML post. HTML is checked by HTML::CGIChecker (thanks to whoever wrote that) and it forces the post to not kill the design and it even removes javascript and similars.
  • Moderators can move, split and merge threads with about 3 clicks.
  • It has not all the real features of a phpBB or similar: You can’t upload files, it only supports Signatures, Avatars and Custom Titles (No ICQ and Home and Phonenumbers, but I don’t need that anyway)
  • Complete backtracking of all the changes made (as a moderator) to a post.
  • Completly skinable using the Plasma skin sytems. (I already had that one, so why not use it).
  • All the other common Forum features: Unread posts, Sticky, Closed Thread, Quotes and Editable posts

Coding is fun 🙂